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hms10214The Ixxat "CAN Analyzer"From HMS Industrial Networks is the powerful analytical tool for developing, testing and maintaining CAN networks. In the immediately available 3 version, the scope of functions has been expanded and the user interface even more user-friendly. For example, the analyzer supports up to 64 CAN channels with the new "multi-board support" and displays the data on the basis of a uniform time base.

The intuitive window synchronization, in which all information windows jump to the same message with a double-click, provides the user with a quick overview of the events at defined times. For modules that use simultaneous access to several CAN channels, the CAN Analyzer with the Trace Module becomes a powerful data logger solution. Furthermore, the database support has been considerably extended, which now allows the import of different databases into the configuration. For data interpretation, these are combined into an overall network database.

Completely reworked signal interpretation allows statistical data to be analyzed at a glance, along with process variables - for example in the new graphics / signal module. This is particularly helpful in the event of a service or error, since problems can be quickly detected here by combining specific process variables and network quality indicators, such as fault telegrams per unit time or bus load. With the new signal transmission module, network devices can be stimulated very quickly and conveniently at the process level, without the underlying CAN communication having to be known in detail.

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