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hms0214Remote monitoring of buildings or machinery requires secure connections. Often today, VPN (Virtual Private Networks) is used. Manually establishing a VPN connection is, in most cases, anything but trivial. For this reason, HMS Industrial Networks uses the Netbiter remote monitoring system via a central connection and data portal on the Internet: Netbiter Argos.

Through the Argos portal in the cloud, the connection from the control room to the distributed machines and systems in the field is simple and at the highest level of security. The link in the field is the Netbiter EC350 Gateway, which is connected directly to the plant controller via serial or Ethernet. It then connects to the Netbiter Argos portal on the Internet either via mobile or via an Internet-enabled local Ethernet network. Numerous advantages result from the alternative connection setup: After a single login in the portal, remote access to various automation components from a central location is possible for the plant operator or maintenance personnel.

Not only remote monitoring but also remote control and even remote programming (protected by multi-level user authentication) are now feasible. For example, plant operators and maintenance personnel can be assigned different rights. The cross-vendor Netbiter solution supports access to automation components from various manufacturers. The modular system can be individually adapted to different applications. So it can be used for pure remote programming as well as for operational data acquisition, monitoring, alerting as well as for predictive maintenance and plant optimization.
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