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mkt0114MKT Systemtechnik offers for smaller decentralized automation applications Ethercat-E/A-Module in a very compact design with housing dimensions of 100 x 80 x 25 mm. The devices in the IP20 housing for DIN rail mounting each provide eight digital inputs or outputs. A combined operation of inputs and outputs is also possible. The inputs are suitable for low levels of 0 ... 5 V and high level of 8 ... 36 V.

Yellow LEDs indicate the assignment of the inputs. The output modules are short-circuit proof and designed for a load current of 1 A. Here, too, yellow LEDs signal the pin assignment, red LEDs indicate errors. The connection of the inputs and outputs as well as the supply voltage is maintenance- and service-friendly solved via plug connectors with screw connection. The input and output assignment is preconfigured with an XML file from MKT and can be easily adapted to different applications.
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