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Karsten Schneider, CEO of PI (Profibus + Profinet International), Karlsruhe

PI (Profibus + Profinet International) sees Innovasic's announcement to launch a real-time Ethernet switch with protocol support for Profinet as another milestone in the widespread adoption of Profinet. The "Fido5000 REM Switch"Provides easy access to Profinet technology. The REM is an 2-port switch that integrates with a variety of microprocessors.

This allows device manufacturers to develop Profinet devices with two Ethernet interfaces and IRT support. The Priority Channel Technology integrated in REM recognizes Profinet telegrams and preferably forwards them.

The REM Switch is an absolute novelty. No other switch available on the market supports all common Industrial Ethernet protocols, in particular Profinet Class B with Fast Start-Up (version 2.3) and Profinet Class C with performance enhancements. The driver for Profinet IRT will be available in January 2014.

The move to integrate the Profinet protocol into a switch device makes it easier for device manufacturers to integrate powerful switching technology into their products. The devices equipped in this way not only have a higher performance in the network, but also provide more robustness during operation. Network components that can distinguish the real-time protocols from less time-sensitive standard Ethernet frames provide the ability to preferentially treat the real-time data. As a result, they can be processed quickly, even in heavily used networks, thus ensuring smooth communication.
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