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weidmueller1213Weidmüller presents with "U-Remote "is a modular remote I / O system in front. All advantages directly address the user: U-Remote offers a pluggable connection level, high packing density as well as best performance and stands for high efficiency and productivity. The integrated web server simplifies commissioning and speeds up maintenance. Striking features are lean planning, easy installation, fast commissioning and avoidance of downtime.

Tool-free installation and pre-assembled cabling accelerate reliable installation in the control cabinet as well as on the machine and system. The wiring, installation and service friendliness is the single-row connection level. The pluggable connection level enables fast and safe connection of sensors and actuators with pre-assembled cables, while at the same time minimizing the error rate in the system wiring. Thanks to the narrow design of only 11,5 mm module width and a small number of infeed modules, control cabinets with U-Remote can be designed much smaller and increase the flexibility in their design. A component replacement can take place without load during operation.

In particular, with two properties, the system currently presents itself as best in its class: First, U-Remote separates the supply for inputs and outputs by two highly resilient 10 A current paths. This saves feed-in modules, thus saving space as well as planning effort and facilitates maintenance procedures. Second, it has an internal high load supply path that allows 64 modules to operate with only one feed to the coupler. The I / O system has freely selectable sensor connection options (2, 3, 4 conductor technology) and is operable in the temperature range from -20 ° to + 60 ° C. The high-speed station bus works with up to 256 DI / DOs in 20 μs. LEDs on the module and each channel facilitate status queries and diagnostics.
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