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datafox0613In addition to the large number of already integrated RFID standards Datafox expanded its range with UHF RFID solutions and completes the product portfolio further. The integration of the UHF long range technology in the Master IV platform offers users the opportunity to implement RFID solutions over long distances. This standard allows read range with passive transponders up to 10 m.

UHF RFID works in 868MHz area and is the best solution for ranges over 1 m. It ensures high data transfer rates, making it suitable for large amounts of data. There may be minor RFID inlays, such as 13,56 MHz may be used. This allows reading of transponders installed concealed. Metal can have a positive impact here.

Immediately following device variants and antennas for the following applications are offered: Access control / Access control / gate control, asset tracking, supply chain and media for information.

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