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redlion3213Red Lion Controls has the integration of their configuration software Crimson 3.0 announced in the server software N-View of N-Tron. Now everyone can industrial Ethernetswitches from N-Tron and Sixnet from any on-premises Red Lion G3 operator interface. This gives customers the ability to use Red Lion operator interfaces as visible dashboards the network status received by N-Tron and Sixnet Industrial Ethernet switches, to monitorto view and log and track alarms.

This level of compatibility between an HMI and an Ethernet switch is unprecedented in the industry, according to manufacturers. When users are already using N-Tron switches, the integration of Crimson 3.0 and N-View allows plant managers and IT staff to run a number of different network parameters - including data collisions, received packets, dropped packets, alignment errors, and more - from a single one Monitor dashboard efficiently. For customers with Sixnet switches, the monitoring is done via Modbus. With state-of-the-art data logging capabilities, users can capture and review a history of network performance. E-mail and SMS alerts are also available to alert non-local personnel of disruptions.

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