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amc0213The Wireless I / O modules of the Adam-2000Z series from AMC are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and support the latest sensor technology and mesh computing in the 2,4 GHz band. Thus, these modules offer maximum flexibility for the construction of a cost-efficient, distributed monitoring system, as is required in applications with distributed measuring points, for example in quality control, agricultural production or building automation.

The Adam 2000Z Wireless Series includes six modules, including the Modbus / RTU Gateway, Router Nodes and I / O, and the sensor devices listed below. The meticulously engineered Adam 2000Z series offers low power consumption, guaranteed data integrity, Modbus / RTU protocol support, high accuracy with 16 bit for the AI ​​module, and a wireless site survey tool in the Adam Utility. The devices remain on 2-minute intervals for one year with 1 AA alkaline batteries.

In addition, the modules support the Modbus / RTU protocol, allowing connection to other modules without additional software or costs. The controller can be easily and easily integrated into most HMI and Scada devices using the Modbus / RTU protocol. When setting up a reliable wireless network, Site Survey takes on great importance. Specifically, the Adam Utility includes the Topology Site Survey Tool, which allows users to check the status of a module and ensure the best possible wireless communication quality. In terms of network capacity, the Adam-2000Z series can connect to up to 32 nodes, including routers and terminals.

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