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amc1112The EKI 122xD Modbus Gateways from AMC are cascadable bidirectional gateways that integrate Modbus / RTU and Modbus / ASCII serial devices into modern Modbus TCP / IP networks. The new cascading or daisy-chain functionality over two Ethernet ports with one IP address can be used to connect to another Ethernet device or another EKI-1221D / 1222D. This allows for easier network cabling.

The EKI-1221D and EKI-1222D allow you to select the master or slave mode of operation for each serial port. As a Modbus / RTU master or TCP client, the gateways can independently acquire data from several subscribers and make it available to a higher-level system. They support up to 16 TCP master, up to 16 TCP slaves and up to 31 RTU / ASCII slaves can be connected to each serial port. Of course, data can also be transmitted in the opposite direction.

The gateways are easy to configure. The modules with 1 or 2 ModBus / RTU ASCII ports each have their own web server built in so that they can easily be configured via the browser from any workstation with the associated PC software for Windows. The connection to the Modbus / RTU module is realized via an 50 ... 921kBaud line.

A particularly high reliability guarantees the dual power supply. If one energy source fails, the other takes over and provides appropriate error messages. The Modbus gateways come in a IP30 metal housing and can be easy and reliable to place on a DIN rail.
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