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woehr0912KM-Gehäusetech offers complete RFID devices as USB sticks and modules. The RFID USB dongle is one of the smallest UHF RFID readers and can be used in a variety of applications, such as workstation data collection, access control or RFID initialization stations. The RFID USB module with antenna is used in areas such as logistics.

It can be used both as a stationary reader and integrated into mobile devices. Both components have a USB interface, the USB module also has a TTL and LAN interface. In the frequency domain, the USB dongle varies between 865 to 868 MHz, the USB module varies from 840 to 960 MHz. With regard to the read range of the two components, the USB module clearly stands out from the USB dongle with a range of up to 4 m, which has a range of approx. 0,6 m. In addition, the USB stick has an internal, linear antenna, the module via an external UHF antenna using an SMA connector.

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