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ethercat0412Ethercat presented an Ethercat network with 12,5 μs cycle time at the Hannover Messe. The master is a pure software solution on a standard industrial PC with 15 also standard slave devices. Ethercat can transmit any other Ethernet frames, such as TCP / IP, regardless of the cycle time.

"Ethercat makes the best use of Ethernet bandwidth because of its unique operating principle and, because of its inherent nature, remains the fastest Industrial Ethernet solution," said Martin Rostan, executive director of the Ethercat Technology Group. "Even with ultra-short cycle times, a master with no special hardware is enough, and we do not need new slave chips either."

EtherCAT was first introduced to 2003 and has been released by the IEC 2005 since its release. The EtherCAT protocol itself has long been subject to change and is used uniformly by all Ethercat devices. The technology is by far the largest variety of manufacturers and devices in the market.

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