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WagoIncreasingly, fast real-time control is required in industrial applications. Against this background has Wago extended its I / O system with an EtherCAT fieldbus coupler. EtherCAT applications can be realized with the new coupler, while at the same time the user can take advantage of the high flexibility of the I / O system. The EtherCAT 750-354 fieldbus coupler impresses with its very high-performance data exchange. As a component of the Wago I / O system, it automatically detects the inserted I / O Bus Terminals and creates the data for the application.

While the EtherCAT telegram passes through the device, only the data from the telegram intended for the fieldbus coupler is taken from the telegram. The coupler in turn supplements the required process data. A special EtherCAT communication unit, consisting of an EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC), controls the entire process data exchange with the EtherCAT master. By outsourcing the lower communication layers to the hardware, a high transmission speed and reliability of the data exchange are achieved. Mailbox data via CoE (CAN-over-EtherCAT) can be transported and processed as well as cyclic and acyclic data. The automatic assignment of the addresses as well as the integration of the EDS file in the engineering tool of the manufacturer of the EtherCAT master ensure a simple and time-saving commissioning of the fieldbus coupler. Two RJ45 ports are available at the front, each for the incoming fieldbus signal (line in) and the outgoing (line out). With them, line structures can be easily set up.
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