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pepperl2The LB / FB system of Pepperl + Fuchs offers maximum flexibility through a large number of I / O modules that allow even more exotic applications and beyond thanks to its multi-channel offer a high packing density. This density is then further increased by the development of new analog Ein-/Ausgangs-Module.

The new I / O modules offer up to four analog inputs and outputs on a width of 20 instead of 40 mm. This smaller size, in turn, doubles the packing density and allows for cheaper remote I / O stations. The size could be reduced by an improved power management, which achieves a significant reduction in power dissipation. Thus, the heat generation in the cabinet remains in the usual framework, so that the reliability and longevity is not adversely affected by the same environmental conditions. The new modules can replace the old modules without changing the configuration.

As a functional improvement, the modules provide one diagnostic LED per input / output. Thus, the status of the respective inputs and outputs can be read directly for diagnostic purposes. The Hart communication has been redesigned and made more robust.

In addition to the new modules, a very flexible module is offered, which provides both analog and digital inputs / outputs. It can be used to address 2 wire transmitters, low power solenoids, proportional valves and mechanical contacts. It can be configured during commissioning according to the application. The configuration is indicated by a white LED. Furthermore, a diagnostic LED indicates the status of each input / output.

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