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pepperl1Honeywell's Process Knowledge System "Experion" integrates all process automation solutions under a common architecture. With "Advanced Physical Layer Diagnostics" Experion can now use the Field Connex Advanced Diagnostic modules from Pepperl + Fuchs communicate and thus opens up completely new insights into the fieldbus.

The basic idea behind Honeywell's Process Knowledge System (PKS) Experion: More knowledge means better control over the process. The integration of all automation solutions of a process plant under a common system architecture ensures an optimal overview of all factors that affect process control and plant availability.

At the fieldbus level, Pepperl + Fuchs has a similar idea for the Foundation Fieldbus H1. The company's Field Connex Advanced Diagnostic Modules (ADM) not only simplify commissioning of fieldbus segments through remote configuration and automatic segment documentation. They also continuously monitor the signal quality of the fieldbus communication and thus support proactive maintenance concepts by alerting them to a drop in signal quality at an early stage.

Now, both companies have joined forces to take the insight into the process to a whole new level. The result is called Advanced Physical Layer Diagnostics (APLD) and is based on Field Connex ADM technology. With APLD, Experion becomes a comprehensive physical layer management platform for a Foundation Fieldbus H1 infrastructure.

It gives maintenance personnel detailed insights into the state of fieldbus communication without leaving Experion's familiar environment. Critical situations are detected long before they can affect the process. Required on-site maintenance is supported by an intelligent expert system that identifies the cause of the problem and suggests possible solutions.

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