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Pepperl + FuchsIn late summer 2009 led the Namur and the HART Communication Foundation (HCF), a field test at BASF in Ludwigshafen, Pepperl + Fuchs actively supported. The result: "WirelessHART" is a viable technology that can be used in principle for mobile and flexible applications. At the Hanover Fair presented Pepperl + Fuchs introduces the first available products.

The Namur recommendation NE124 defines requirements for radio communication in process automation. A key requirement is an open standard that is supported by many manufacturers. The only standard available today is Wireless Hart. For the network to function properly, all Wireless Hart devices must be compatible and interoperable with each other. To ensure this, HCF, together with Namur and BASF, as well as manufacturers of Wireless Hart products, including Pepperl + Fuchs, field-tested. Here, the usability of Wireless Hart has been tested with respect to the Namur recommendation NE124. Pepperl + Fuchs took this opportunity to test the maturity of the specification and the developments based on it, and participated in the field test with the gateway and the temperature transmitter. The adapter also offered by Pepperl + Fuchs was provided by the cooperation partner Endress + Hauser.Pepperl + Fuchs2

The results of the field test revealed strengths, but also points that were still open and could be improved. The robustness of the radio communication and the non-disconnectable security mechanisms were mentioned as positive. Negative was the lack of host integration and battery diversity. To improve it has been proposed to reduce the network diagnosis to a few key figures rather than relying on extensive statistics. At all negative points, of course, working at full speed.

The overall result can be seen in the eyes of Pepperl + Fuchs: The core technology can be considered mature; Wireless communication between devices from different manufacturers works well. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a use in principle. The host integration and the connection to control systems can certainly be improved, but can be realized through the support of all necessary DD and DTM versions by Pepperl + Fuchs.

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