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turckExtended to the multi-hop wireless DR system's partner Banner Engineering Turck significantly the range of the wireless "SureCross DX80" components. The multi-hop method allows cascading multiple repeaters, each with a range of 3 km. As such, not only difficult to reach or unprofitable wired connection Meter Tubes erect,

but also transfer obstacles, such as through hills or walls, elegant handle. With the multi-hop wireless system, up to 2400 I / O points can be wirelessly integrated into a Modbus network. If larger areas are to be covered, several wireless networks can be operated in parallel without interference.

The DX80DR wireless network transmits digital and analog signals from controllers, optical, inductive or ultrasonic sensors as well as HMIs, transmitters, level, pressure or temperature sensors. The high range of the I / O network enables new applications, for example in agriculture when irrigating fields: Humidity and flow meters can be connected just as easily as control valves. In automated parking guidance systems, thousands of parking spaces throughout the city can be monitored without the hassle of laying cables. But traditional applications such as level, pressure, flow and temperature monitoring are also part of the application. The DX80 nodes and the connected devices are supplied with 10-30 VDC. Special low-power sensors can also be operated with a battery or a solar panel.

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