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German manDeutschmann Automation is in the field of fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet communication on the development of protocol converters and integrable bus node specialized. With the modules, networks with different protocols can be easily connected and devices integrated into automation networks. The ready-to-install Ethercat interface from the "Unigate" IC series combines all the necessary components such as microcontrollers, flash, RAM, bus controllers and analogue components such as optocouplers in an area of ​​only 45 x 25 mm.

The certified solution can either operate as a stand-alone or connect via a Urart interface with the microprocessor of the terminal, which relieves it completely from the processing of data traffic. The Uncat CL-family Ethercat protocol converter for DIN rail mounting connects devices and automation components via their serial interface to Ethercat networks. It uses a maximum data width of 1024 bytes and supports 100 Mbaud transmission speed as well as CAN over Ethernet (CoE). Unigate CX series devices make incompatible networks compatible. The top-hat rail devices consist of two Unigate CL modules and, thanks to their modular design, can be supplied for all fieldbus and Ethernet variants for which CL modules are available. The gateways of the Unigate CL and CX series can be easily adapted to the respective applications or desired protocols with the "Wingate" configuration tool.

The unique selling point of these products lies in their ability to implement the protocols of the terminals by means of a script. This ensures optimal adaptation of the end product to the requirements of the EtherCAT protocol. The PC tool "Protocol Developer" is available for creating the script. The script can also be used to simulate complex protocols, to buffer data and to process them in practically any manner. In addition to the Ethercat solution, the manufacturer also offers its protocol converters and interface ICs for Profibus DP, MPI, Interbus, Devicenet, CANopen, Lonworks, Ethernet TCP / IP, Modbus TCP / RTU / ASCII, Ethernet / IP, Powerlink and Profinet.

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