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analyticaThe specialists for networked PC and Unix computer systems of the Analytica GmbH, have expanded their product range to CAN Ethernet gateways: with the Anagate CAN USB, PCs can be easily connected via USB to a CAN bus. In contrast to other manufacturers, the CAN telegrams are transparently embedded in TCP / IP and a virtual network card is emulated on the connected PC. This ensures compatibility between the USB gateway and the Ethernet gateways. If necessary, it is easy to switch from the entry-level model to an Ethernet gateway from the high-end sector.

The CAN-USB gateway is equipped with one USB and one CAN interface each, which are galvanically isolated from each other. An 32-bit ARM9 processor with 400 MHz allows high transfer rates. It supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B. The CAN baud rate can be set in steps between 10 kbps and 1 Mbps. A sturdy plastic housing protects the technology inside. Both a gateway mode is supported, in which data is transmitted between the CAN bus and the PC transparently in both directions, as well as a list mode. This "listens" without any further influence on the network and enables data recording. With the enclosed CAN-Monitor software, bus messages can be logged on the PC.

AnaGate CAN USB is more than just a network coupler. As an embedded PC with 64 MB Flash memory and 32 MB SDRAM and Linux operating system - Linux kernel version 2.6 is used - it opens up further possibilities. This allows users to create their own software to flexibly adapt the device to different applications.

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