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pepperlFor about half a year, the WirelessHart products of Pepperl + Fuchs available. In the short time already some practical projects were requested, which reveal very different fields of application. Among other things, it helps to improve plant availability, to optimize production processes or to reduce the use of resources.

WirelessHart is ideal for transferring readings collected to monitor processes and equipment. For example, it is easy to monitor the winding temperatures of pump motors, fill levels of equipment such as coolants or lubricants, blockage of rakes in sewage treatment plants or blockage of filters via differential pressure. The system availability is thereby actively improved, since timely maintenance instructions are given to the control room.

WirelessHart also helps to further optimize production processes. For example, the cooling water temperature can be measured regularly to then adjust other process parameters accordingly. Temporary measurements can be used to gather information about the process to derive corresponding changes in process control. In addition to increasing product quality, this can also reduce the use of resources and save costs.

The new measuring points can be implemented quickly and flexibly. Only a few rules need to be considered for installation: If the new device is within sight of an existing WirelessHart device, a wireless connection will be established automatically and it will be added to the network. The measured values ​​are available via the WirelessHart Gateway of the control room via Modbus or Hart OPC Server.

The gateway is the central component and manages the network. It also forms the interface between the wireless network and various wired bus systems. On the field device side, the temperature transmitter for local temperature measurement and the adapter for upgrading any 4 ... 20 mA or HART-capable field device are used.

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