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niNational Instruments introduces two new products to enhance the platform's communication and measurement capabilities for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) from NI be extended. The NI 9792 is a programmable WSN gateway that can be used with both NI WSN measurement nodes and other hardware through a range of open communication standards. It combines a NI Labview real-time controller with an integrated WSN transceiver so that Labview real-time applications can run locally on the gateway to collect data from NI-WSN devices.

This makes the NI 9792 Gateway ideal for embedded wireless data logging applications. The NI WSN-3226 Voltage / Resistance Temperature Sensor (RTD) Combination Node extends the measurement capabilities of NI's WSN platform to support resistance temperature sensor and potentiometer measurement applications. It also gives users the ability to run voltage and temperature measurements on a single NI-WSN device.

The NI 9792 gateway, which can be programmed to work as a stand-alone device with the Labview Real-Time Module, has a powerful 533 MHz processor and 2 GB onboard memory for embedded data logging. It also has built-in Web (HTTP) and file (FTP) servers that provide remote access to measurement data from thin-client devices through a Web browser. The NI 9792 Gateway provides an RS232 serial port and two Ethernet ports to flexibly connect other devices such as enterprise networks or wired I / O. This flexibility allows users to create a complete wired and wireless measurement solution to meet a variety of application needs.

The WSN-3226 measurement node extends NI's WSN platform with resistance-based measurements and has four analog input channels that can be configured channel-by-channel for measurements with ± 10 V or for resistance measurements. It allows users to flexibly choose between the device's high-speed, high-resolution analog input modes, optimizing power consumption and performance for applications. The measurement node also has two bidirectional digital channels, which can be configured channel by channel as input or output (source or sink). It can be powered by either four AA batteries, which can last up to three years, or via an external power supply with 5 to 30 V.

Using the Labview WSN Module Pioneer, the behavior of the WSN-3226 can be customized. Added features include extending battery life, increasing analog and digital input power, and connecting custom sensors. In addition, the WSN-3226 is supported by the latest version of National Instruments' WSN software, NI WSN 1.2. It provides additional features such as faster firmware updates, more accurate timestamps, and automatic use of I / O variables. The software also enables Internet-based configuration of the NI 9792 gateway, eliminating the need for application software to configure and set up a wireless sensor network.

NI WSN products are particularly suitable for long-term data logging and remote monitoring in the following application areas: environmental data, energy parameters, building data, structural data, temperature data, transportation, and industrial environments.

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