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siemensUnder the motto "Create Sustainable Value", Siemens will demonstrate how economic efficiency and productivity as well as ecologically responsible industrial production can be reconciled. This year's focus will be on energy efficiency and productivity at the fair. As a technological highlight, the engineering framework Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA) presents. Ralf-Michael Franke, CEO of the Business Unit Industrial Automation Systems, commented: "With the TIA Portal, we have further developed our world-leading TIA offering to guide our customers into a new era of intuitive engineering."

At the pre-press conference Franke also talked about the vision of the digital factory as Siemens sees it. The closed cycle from the product development to the production process will no longer happen in the real world but in the first place continuously and integrated in the virtual world of the computer. "We know that it will take some time before we have established the topic of digital factory as the standard in the world," says Franke. The interaction of only products is no longer sufficient to create further productivity. "We are convinced that we can only achieve the 'next level of excellence' in automation by bringing together product and production engineering based on end-to-end integration and a common data model. "We are firmly convinced that as Siemens in this context, we will play the same role as SAP in the world of transaction-driven processes," Franke compares building the industrial IT expertise that the customer needs to increase productivity.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Siemens in Hanover is showing how potential savings can be identified, evaluated and consistently implemented. This reduces energy consumption and CO2Reduce emissions and costs. In the area of ​​productivity, integrated solutions from the CAD drawing to the finished product are presented. How to use resources efficiently from the design of a plant up to the operating phase and to increase productivity potential, the manufacturer demonstrates on the exhibition stand on the example of the automotive manufacturing, oil & gas and renewable energy wind and solar.

Siemens has expanded its software offering for the manufacturing industry through strategic acquisitions and proprietary developments and today offers a complete software portfolio from product design to production control.

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