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comsoftAt the new PB diagnostic connector Comsoft is a stationary diagnostic device in the format of a typical Profibus connector, which can be plugged onto any Profibus subscriber. The Profibus baud rate is set manually and covers the complete range from 9600 bit / s to 12.000 Kbit / s. An external power supply is not necessary, as the PB diagnostic connector is supplied directly via the subscriber. The required power consumption is only approx. 40 mW.

The entire current data traffic is continuously monitored for typical communication errors such as faulty telegrams and telegram repetitions as well as device-specific diagnostic messages. Faults that occur are displayed via integrated status LEDs and can be reported to higher-level control systems via the potential-free alarm contact. The integrated reset button also allows error messages to be reset at any time.

PB diagnostic connector helps to avoid equipment failures and reduce disturbances. Maintenance and repair costs can be planned in advance.

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