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vipaVipa GmbH has a new one I / O system called "Slio"Developed. With the modular and extremely compact system, virtually all automation solutions can be implemented more simply and, above all, more economically. Slio can be combined with all Vipa systems 100V, 200V, 300S, 500S. Thus, the user has the full system variety available to optimize his individual applications.

In addition to common fieldbus interfaces such as CANopen, Profibus, Modbus, etc., future connection options for Industrial Ethernet bus systems such as EtherCAT and Profinet will also be possible.

The user benefit down to the last detail was the development focus for the modularity and handling of the Slio. This is achieved with the conceptual separation of electronics and installation level. The basic terminal block with backplane bus coupling and the reverse polarity protected electronics are modular, with sliding plug mechanism, constructed. As a result, in the case of maintenance, each electronic module can be exchanged easily and inexpensively, without loosening the wiring. Users know that this eliminates a common cause of failure - miswiring.

Users will also appreciate the staircase shape of the connection level, including tension spring technology and upright wiring. A simple screwdriver is enough for the wiring itself. The extremely narrow design of the standard I / O modules is only 12,5 mm and offers space for the connection of two to eight sensors and / or actuators (2,5 mm² cables). The clearly arranged labeling and diagnostic field enables unambiguous assignment and readability of the channel states, even under low light conditions.

"BMK adhesive labels" for equipment labeling can be applied directly to the wiring modules. Thus, this label also remains when replacing the electronic module. Each module is factory-provided with the schematic representation of the associated terminal assignment, which simplifies installation and maintenance significantly. The individual system modules can be combined to complete stations via the integrated backplane bus. This means that up to 64 modules can be put together in a time-saving way, without any wiring effort, simply by plugging them in.

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