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Turck has new Profinet fieldbus gateways for its I / O system BL67 developed to meet the requirements of the AIDA (Automation Initiative of German Automobile Manufacturers) and are intended primarily for use in automotive body. While the model BL67-GW-PN-AC is designed for AIDA RJ45 copper connectors, the version BL67-GW-PN-AF is suitable for use with AIDA SCRJ fiber optic cables.

The AIDA gateways can both expand the existing BL67-I/O-Modulen as well with a valve terminal can be connected directly to develop an integrated solution. This variant was developed in close cooperation with the manufacturer Parker Hannifin Pneumatic develops targeted for use in the automotive industry. This integrated approach increases plant availability and reduces service and commissioning work for the user. Which have merged into the AIDA carmaker Audi, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen support Profinet as future network standard for automation of their manufacturing facilities. In addition to the standard connectors AIDA requires inter alia a fast startup of fieldbus stations (under 500 ms), the automatic topology discovery in network and software support from the Tool Calling Interface (TCI).

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