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1 Gigabit / s Ethernet switchesLogimat Hall 4, Stand B65

Turck has a compact 10 port managed Ethernet Switch in protection class IP67 presented. With the robust TBEN-L-SE-M2 switches, camera applications, for example, can be significantly accelerated due to the highest data rates up to 1 Gigabit / s. A high-speed link-up function supports fast tool changes in less than 150 ms for minimal cycle times in the Robot. The Ethernet switch can be installed decentrally directly in the field.

This is how the switches reduce the Wiring effort of cables etc. between the control cabinet and Ethernet participants on the machine. The TBEN-L switch thus allows the consequent Modularization in mechanical engineering.

The manageable Ethernet switches from Turck have numerous functions for the safe and efficient organization of industrial Ethernet networks. The integrated firewall protects bidirectionally against unauthorized access and thus increases security in the IIoT. A NAT routing function enables the representation of the subscribers under alternative IP addresses in higher-level networks. This prevents duplication of the IP addresses in the user's network on the devices. The Port based IP address assignment allows the assignment of subscriber addresses via the switch's web browser.

Using media redundancy RSTP, the switches can increase the availability of lines. Users can go through the facility virtual networks Separate VLAN production from management networks or assign individual bandwidths per VLAN. This is how they protect the network from overloading due to broadcast floods. The network load monitoring at each port always shows an overview of the bandwidth usage in the network.

The 1 Gigabit / s switches with their 10 ports are suitable for the production lines of Automotive industry, the Intralogistik and Agriculture. Thanks to multicast, the Ethernet switch supports the automation of agricultural machinery.

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  • Logimat Hall 4, Stand B65 Turck has presented a compact 10 port managed Ethernet switch with IP67 protection. With the robust TBEN-L-SE-M2 switches, camera applications, for example, can be significantly accelerated due to the highest data rates up to 1 Gigabit / s. A high-speed link-up function supports fast tool changes in less than 150 ms for minimal cycle times in the robot. The Ethernet switch can be installed decentrally directly in the field.
  • Cover story To record the speed of its "Vpuremix" magnetic agitators, Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH was looking for a compact solution for all sizes of the device series. Turck developed a magnetic field sensor especially for this task, which detects the exact speed of the mixing head in the container through the stainless steel wall. Thanks to a double Hall probe, the sensor also detects the direction in which the mixing heads are moving. With just one sensor type, AWH increases the safety of the processes of all Vpuremix agitators.
  • The Turck Group has a minority stake in the Duisburg-based specialist for radar measurement technology and industrial automation Asinco. In this way, Turck not only secures the R&D competence of radar sensors to be measured, but also the know-how in the software area, which is particularly relevant for future projects in the area of ​​smart sensors. Turck also benefits from in-depth knowledge of regulation and control technology, artificial intelligence and firmware.
  • SPS Hall 7, Stand 250 Interview with Christian Wolf Managing Director Hans Turck GmbH + Co. KG, Mülheim ad Ruhr
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  • SPS Hall 7, Booth 250 Turck is expanding its interface portfolio with the compact, single-channel IMXK series for control boxes with shallow depth, as are often used in modular machines or mobile applications. With a depth of only 77 mm, the IMXK series is 35 percent shorter than classic interface devices of the latest design. In terms of accuracy and speed under real conditions, the IMXK are at the top of comparable larger device types.
  • Despite the tense economic situation in its core markets of mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, Turck expects consolidated total sales for the 2019 financial year to be almost at the previous year's level at around EUR 640 million. This corresponds to a slight decrease of around 2018% compared to the 660 result of 3 million euros.
  • The Technical Academy Teutloff, the system integrator CSAE and the automation specialist Turck gave the go-ahead for the Teutloff “model factory” in Braunschweig on September 17th. The academy's new learning concept is designed to make future specialists fit for digitized workplaces in the Industry 4.0 environment. The aim is to impart knowledge directly in the process in a practical and playful way. Fear of thresholds should be reduced through own learning experiences.
  • Dirk Wunder has been responsible for corporate marketing at the automation specialist Turck since September 1, 2019. The industry expert takes over the position from Managing Director Christian Wolf, who previously held this in a personal union. The new head of marketing started his professional career as head of marketing at Moeller and then in a similar position at Sick.
  • The shareholders, advisory board and management of Turck-Holding want to sustainably strengthen the international growth of the group and prepare the company for the challenges of the future. The core of the activities to optimize the corporate structure is the extensive differentiation within the group into the areas of automation technology as well as development and production services. By focusing on technology focal points at certain locations, Turck wants to significantly expand its development and production capacities internationally.
  • With the VS8 series from its optosensor technology partner Banner Engineering, Turck now offers miniature sensors for precise detection in confined spaces or in the vicinity of moving objects. The optoelectronic sensors detect very small parts and other difficult objects that other sensors can easily overwhelm.
  • Cover story The next stage of development in agriculture is data-driven and requires robust sensor technology in the field. With its products, Turck enables the operation of intelligent driver assistance systems, the harbingers of fully autonomous work processes. With the steer-by-wire method, QR20 encoders measure the steering angle of axles or accompany the unfolding of the spray arms of a field sprayer. However, ultrasonic and tilt sensors are suitable for aligning the sprayer boom, while Banner Engineering's compact TM18 light barriers can monitor the material flow in the grain elevator of a combine harvester.
  • With the IM12 interface devices, the advantages of the IMX12 family from Turck can now also be used for the first time for applications with non-intrinsically safe signals. The IM12 are among the narrowest devices on the market and save space in the control cabinet with only 6 mm width per channel.
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