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HMS1219HMS Networks introduces a new security platform for the Anybus Compactcom product family that supports certificate management and TLS encryption. All automation devices that use the Compactcom IIoT modules benefit from even more secure communication between the production level and the cloud.

Secure booting is an important requirement for all types of security solutions. The Compactcom Safe Boot feature verifies the integrity of the product and ensures that only software from HMS Networks is used.

Anybus Compactcom provides certificate management and provisioning to enable proper device authentication and authorization. Confidential data, such as private keys, is stored on a separate security chip to enhance the integrity and identity of the product.

Data sent from the Anybus Compactcom module to the cloud layer is signed and encrypted using OPC UA Secure Channels. The authorization and authentication of the user is done securely via OPC UA sessions. Various security policies are supported to ensure the greatest possible compatibility in the marketplace. Secure access and secure file transfer are ensured by TLS over HTTPS and Web DAV. The user and role administration can also be used to define different access rights.

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