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Transparency and advance planning in the material flow can only be put into practice through a seamless flow of information. This, in turn, does not succeed with purely wired communication because the end products and intermediates are in motion. That's why Steute has "Nexy "a wireless network solution which transfers sensor data to the Internet of Things (IoT) or other higher-level IT systems.

At the Motek, an automatic material retrieval system (AMS) for KLT containers will be on display as a "use case". The system automatically detects at which positions containers are present. As soon as the specified minimum stock level is reached, a replenishment order is automatically triggered. The filling level views can be visualized on any web-based terminal.

When personnel remove a container or carton from the rack, a radio position sensor designed specifically for such applications and detecting the container position sends a signal to, for example, the ERP or warehouse management system. The position sensor can be placed anywhere on the shelf. This depends on how high the minimum stock should be. Thus, there is always full and current transparency about the stock.

The Nexy software can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Nexy is an open system If the application requires the integration of sensors for measurands that does not cover the Steute, such sensors can be equipped with a Swave.NET module and are then fully networkable.

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