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Harting0519Train travelers now expect high-performance Internet access: They want to surf privately during the train journey or use the compartment as a mobile workstation. The railway operators must therefore offer an appropriate data infrastructure to meet the increasing customer requirements. This requires new cabling systems. Harting has for the traffic engineering Solutions developed.

By "Prelink "system and the "Etherrail" cables, which are specially designed for railway requirements, can be used to build future-proof data networks in railway technology. With Ethernet via just one wire pair, rail operators can reduce their operating costs and optimize their production with the tool-less "Pushpull" system.

The central component of the Prelink system is the termination block with which the cable connection is realized quickly, simply and reliably. The small size of the contact block makes it possible to prefabricate the data cable outside the car ready for use and then install in the car. For this purpose, a minimum hole diameter of only 12 mm is sufficient for pulling in. After laying the cables, the appropriate connector will be mounted depending on the network device to be connected. For this purpose, RJ45 and M12 D- or X-coded connectors (socket or pin) are available for up to 10 Gbit / s data transmission.

This wide variety of mating faces with the same prelink connection technology offers a unique level of flexibility and investment security, especially for long periods of use in rail technology.

A recent innovation is the M12 sockets, which can now also be connected via Prelink. The newly designed sockets can be used as a loose cable coupling and housing feedthrough and securely screwed here. The second innovation is a Prelink printed circuit board socket, with which pre-assembled Prelink cables can be connected directly to the printed circuit board. The combination of the modular Prelink system and the Etherrail cable are the ideal combination for the cabling of rolling stock.

Weight savings with the same performance, that is the goal of Ethernet via only a single twisted pair cable and small connectors according to IEC 63171-3. For cable lengths up to 40 m, 802.3Gbit / s can be transmitted according to IEEE 1000bp (1 BASE-T1), while the cable length is about one third less than conventional 8-core Ethernet cables. A standard Ethernet cable with four wire pairs for 1 / 10Gbit / s Ethernet weighs approximately 45 kg per kilometer. A single-pair cable with the same bandwidth weighs only 30 kg per km. Since several kilometers of cable are installed in the wagons of passenger trains alone, there is considerable savings potential here.

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  • The Harting Technology Group and Expleo have signed a IIoT cooperation agreement. Peter Seidenschwang (r.), Head of Industry at Expleo and Philip Harting, CEO Harting, signed the agreement. This confirms long-term cooperation in the area of ​​Internet of Things solutions and data-driven services for industrial customers. Harting offers the modular edge computer Mica designed for industrial applications for industrial applications. Expleo realizes this with its expertise in connectivity, visualization, data analysis and artificial intelligence.
  • Automobile specialist Rinspeed presents the new concept vehicle "Metrosnap" at CES 2020 in January in Las Vegas. The developer once again relies on the Harting technology group with an individually designed interface that supplies the vehicle with energy, data and signals. The interface module supports the driver in using the vehicle quickly and flexibly for a wide variety of tasks.
  • For his outstanding commitment as a designer and promoter of technology, science and business, Dr.-Ing. eh Dietmar Harting (2., left) was honored with the award of the Karmarsch-Denkmünze of the Leibniz Universitätsgesellschaft Hannover eV. The eulogy was held by former President Christian Wulff.
  • The Harting Technology Group in Espelkamp held up well in the 2018/19 financial year despite a difficult economic environment. Sales declined slightly and fell by 1,6% to € 750 million (previous year: € 762 million). The globally active family company achieved the second-highest turnover in its 74-year history.
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