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The ODVA has announced the release of enhancements to the Ethernet / IP Specification, which show how devices based on the Hart communication protocol can be integrated into an Ethernet / IP architecture. The addition of this capability is another step in the process of optimizing Ethernet / IP for process industries. It provides users with a mechanism to integrate existing infrastructures while taking advantage of the benefits of industrial Ethernet.

This release defines a standard mechanism for integrating Hart devices into the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Suite. With this mechanism, a CIP originator can communicate with a Hart device as if it were a native CIP device. This enables seamless communication between CIP-based devices and hard-based devices without requiring changes to existing Hart devices or CIP originators such as industrial control systems.

"Integrating conventional Hart I / O modules is another step in realizing ODVA's vision for optimizing process integration," said Olivier Wolff, chairman of the ODVA technical working group for Ethernet / IP in the process industries. "Now that the initial phase of integrating conventional field devices into industrial control systems and asset management systems is complete, the organization will continue its work on adapting Ethernet / IP to the full spectrum of process industry requirements, including field device profiles to simplify device integration , NE107 diagnostics, and comprehensive device configuration methods. "

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