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Belden introduces a range of new products and technologies from the portfolios of Belden and Hirschmann. These have been developed to increase the productivity of industrial machinery and equipment. These include a managed switch with real-time communication and backbone switch (image) for mission-critical data.

The compact "Bobcat" switch from Hirschmann is a Belden next-generation managed switch. It is the first switch to offer real-time communication on all ports and extensive security features through TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) technology, enabling Ethernet deployment in any application. The Bobcat Switch offers advanced flexibility for easy maintenance and future-proof operation with Tri-Speed ​​SFP ports and backward compatibility for existing infrastructures.

Hirschmann's "Dragon PTN" (Packet Transport Network) is a new MPLS-TP-based backbone switch family with innovative Hiprovision software for the reliable and efficient transport of business-critical data that guarantees bandwidth in WANs (Wide Area Networks) , Dragon PTN and Hiprovision complement each other to create a fully integrated Ethernet-based backbone transmission system that enables uninterrupted communication. Dragon PTN has a large number of interface modules and is available with a variety of port types to provide flexibility and seamless connectivity to existing systems.

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