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Hilscher and Coretigo Announce Collaboration on IO-Link Wireless and Fieldbus Technology. An appropriate demonstration already took place at this year's workshop for IO-Link wireless developers in Hamburg. IO-Link Wireless is a new technology that adds a wireless solution to the successful IO-Link system.

Founded as a startup with a view to the still-young IO-Link wireless technology and the need for agility and flexibility in manufacturing automation, Coretigo has established itself as a pioneer in this field. Meanwhile, the company has a wide range of solutions in the field of new technology.

But Hilscher also has many years of experience in fieldbus, real-time Ethernet and cable-based IO-Link solutions. Now they want to bring their technologies together and offer the end customer complete solutions. With this intelligent mix of technologies, the elements of the IO-Link wireless master meet fieldbus slave gateways.

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