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HMS Industrial Networks introduces two new "Anybus Communicator IIoT" and "Anybus X-gateway IIoT" Gateway Family which support MQTT and OPC UA, enabling data exchange between devices in industrial networks and IIoT applications.

Thanks to the support of MQTT and OPC UA, the new gateways enable easy entry into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cover all standard industrial communication standards in the direction of production level.

The advantage for system integrators, machine builders and device manufacturers is that almost all devices that communicate via Industrial Ethernet, fieldbuses, CAN or serial protocols can transfer data easily and securely into IT systems and IoT software.

It does not matter whether the data is generated in a single device, multiple machines or an entire automation system. Anybus Communicator IIoT and Anybus X-gateway IIoT transfer this data into state-of-the-art IIoT systems, where they can be seamlessly integrated, monitored and analyzed.

Data from new and existing plants can be integrated. This makes processes more transparent, allowing, for example, cross-plant decisions, higher productivity or more sustainable production.

The Anybus Communicator IIoT can provide the IT side with data from field devices that use serial protocols or CAN. The Anybus X-gateway IIoT integrates data from fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks. Typical applications of the gateways include, for example, the data integration of Modbus RTU and TCP, CAN-based protocols, Profibus-DP, Ethernet / IP, Profinet, Ethercat, Powerlink and CC-Link.

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