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indu sol10181SPS IPC Drives, hall 3A, booth 751

Smooth ASI communication between sensors and actuators is becoming more and more important in the course of the 4.0 industry, so that current data always and completely reach the receiver and the analyzes are correct. However, it is often not possible to interrupt production for a measurement of communication quality. The mobile diagnostic device "ASI View" from Indu-Sol rates this under current production conditions.

With just one click you get the current bus state - no matter if preventive or troubleshooting. The evaluation includes physical parameters and logical message traffic. All determined values ​​are displayed as a bar chart based on the participant. By means of a colored marking, similar to a traffic light function, the analysis results can be evaluated at a glance. There is also the possibility of a depth analysis with oscilloscope function.

Operation of the ASI View does not require a separate power supply, the power source is the PG / laptop connected via USB. The device is ready for immediate use at any time and easy to contact via an M12 connector. Thanks to this user-friendly handling, the device is the ideal companion for the maintenance of an ASI bus.

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