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biber0618The reflex system of Bi-Ber creates high-precision 3D images of moving objects. It is suitable for fast processes in quality control in production. Extensive software functions enable, for example, volume determination, the detection of form deviations and the execution of measuring tasks.

The heart of the system is the Cognex DS1300R triangulation sensor. This is combined with several mirrors, one of which is semi-transparent, so that the laser line can be recorded simultaneously from two directions. There are therefore no shaded areas. The viewing angles on the laser profile line are greatly flattened compared to a commercially available triangulation sensor. This minimizes picture noise.

The system detects errors up to 2 x 2 x 2 mm³ at a maximum resolution of 0,45 mm / pixel. It can check all geometric sizes, such as volume, roundness, straightness, and distances and angles between surfaces, edges, or points. The reflex system can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements. With a monitoring width of 450 mm, it is 612 mm high and 680 mm long parallel to the transfer direction. The width depends on the desired scan width and starts with a sensor and 320 mm.

Thus, the reflex system offers an advantage in integration in systems with little available space compared to triangulation sensors. The mirror group allows for shorter working distances with larger monitoring widths. To generate an 3D image, the velocity of the test specimen is picked up by an encoder. The triangulation sensor captures 2,5 million pixels per second and combines line profiles with approximately 2500 Hz.

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