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unitronic0618Sensor + Test hall 1, 559 Stand

Unitronic presents a new addition to the "Sensor2Cloud" portfolio: The NSI3000 from Newsight Imaging is a novel image sensor for applications designed to capture the world in 3D. This is a turning point in vision solutions for the automotive, robotics, drones and 4.0 industries.

The sensor is manufactured in CMOS technology with extremely high sensitivity pixels. The high sensitivity allows the sensor to replace more expensive CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors in many applications. It is also designed for programmable scan rates with high frame rates up to 40.000 FPS, allowing better analysis and response to events.

Designed specifically for lidar applications, the NSI3000 uses eight lines of 2048 pixels consisting of four lines of 4 μm x 8 μm pixels and four lines of 4 μm x 4 μm pixels. The large pixel container provides high sensitivity, while the small pixels can deliver a fine signal with an effective resolution of 8.192 with low power dissipation and compact size.

Furthermore, the sensor has a configurable synchronized 10 to 12 bit parallel output interface as well as proprietary and I2C interfaces. In addition, the NSI3000 has an integrated CDS for noise suppression with fixed patterns, ambient light subtraction and an onboard test mode.

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