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For system integrators and machine manufacturers, Opto for the first time offers a broad spectrum of industrial compacts camera modules for machine integration. These integrated optics lighting camera electronics solutions are high-resolution, plug-and-play capable and equipped with the necessary controls for production, process analysis and quality control.

The imaging modules are suitable for use in measuring machines, testers, profile measuring instruments, roundness testers or many other optical quality assurance tools. Also as pure image sensors for industrial 4.0 applications, the imaging modules are ideal as they provide repeatable perfect images of the applications and with all analysis software solutions are programmable. They can be easily integrated into any network with the supplied image capture software and the already thousandfold integrated SDK.

The coordinated optics, camera and lighting are available in compact standard designs and many variations. The user gets the camera-optic LED controller, which he had to configure himself, industrially suitable by specialists calculated and tested in always the same housing and only with a cable to the network.

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