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Baumer 0317Baumer offers the first CMOS cameras with exposure times as of 1 μs in the mainstream segment of digital industrial cameras. The CX models with the Sony Pregius sensors of the 2. Generation now illuminate from 1 μs to 60 s. They are available with resolutions up to 12 megapixels. Thus, they are suitable for applications with high light intensity as in laser welding or for applications at high speeds such as PCB assembly to reduce motion blur.

The CMOS camera closes another niche, previously reserved for CCD sensors. In their camera class, the only 29 x 29 mm large CX cameras offer not only the shortest exposure time but also the highest temperature range up to 65 ° C, frame rates up to 1000 images / s using ROI (Region of Interest) and 71 dB a very large one dynamic range. Combined with high resolution and outstanding image quality, the GigE and USB 3.0 cameras make it possible to future-proof a wide range of applications across the industry, placing the highest demands on image acquisition accuracy and throughput.
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