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The "MIL copilot" of Rauscher provides a unified, interactive environment for experimentation with MIL (Matrox Imaging Library). As 64-bit Windows application provides MIL co-pilot for a unified, interactive environment for experimentation with MIL, so programmers can try several approaches before code is generated.

New users can easily try this flexible, programming-free environment MIL. The user interface is centered image. A context-specific Ribbon Menu allows interactive configuration of MIL image processing and analysis functions with which the whole MIL development process simplified and time is saved.

A variety of options including line and angle measurements, histogram, profiles and comparing pictures makes it possible to study various aspects of images, thus clarifying the selection and recruitment of MIL operations.

While the operations are selected, records MIL copilot them in a list. Once the operator list is the solution converts MIL copilot them in source code of C ++, C #, CPython or jump start the encoding process.

The user interface streamlines the complete MIL-based development cycle. From the study of the design, verification, and finally coding MIL copilot gives programmers the environment they need to make decisions regarding the next vision project efficiently.
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