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Adlink gives the availability of two- or four-channel GigE frame grabbers "PCIe-GIE72 / 74 Vision PoE +" known. With PoE power protection, multi-card image capture, and PoE management, the cards support a variety of image processing applications. Key components such as cameras are protected from damage by the PoE power protection of the cards.

The easy-to-use PoE administration tool and APIs monitor and control the PoE ports in real-time, allowing for the forecasting of potential outages.

Any number of PCIe GIE7274 cards can be used in a single system as they do not occupy any bios I / O resources. The wide operating temperature range from 0 ° to + 70 ° C and the ability to multicard image acquisition predestine the PCIe-GIE72 / 74 cards for use in fanless computer systems with limited installation space as in AOI systems or in areas of industrial automation.

The cards provide comprehensive PoE power protection. The protective device responds to over / undercurrent as well as voltage or temperature fluctuations. The automatic power control monitors the power limits according to the power source (PCIe or 4 / 6 pin Molex connector). Once the maximum allowable power consumption is exceeded, the PoE supply is interrupted to prevent damage to the connected equipment.

The easy-to-use administration tool and PCIe-GIE72 / 74 Card APIs provide real-time status monitoring of device class, voltage, current, power, and temperature. PoE power and port priority and thermal limits can be remotely controlled.
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