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The 3D image processing conquers industrial image processing. So far, industrial 3D solutions for many 3D applications, however, were simply too expensive and too complex. Basler (Sales Rauscher) Has developed a TOF camera, which operates according to the Time-of-flight principle, that is, it measures the time required for the light from the light source to the object and back to the camera.

The ToF-camera detects scenes and objects at a glance in their spatial dimensions and with no moving components such as laser scanners. This makes the camera is more robust and less susceptible to interference.
With 640 x 480 pixel resolution, this camera is the first truly industrial-grade light transit time camera with GigE interface. With a working range from 0,5 to 5 m with an accuracy of ± 1 cm and a speed of 15 images / s, this low-cost camera is suitable for numerous 3D applications.

The applications include factory automation (optimization of production processes / 3D-dimensioning, scanning and inspection / bin picking), logistics (stacking cartons and pallets / volume measurements / Labeling / intelligent storage and shelf organization / baggage and cardboard sorting and routing) Robotics (Bin Picking / visual security systems / Automation of production processes), medical (patient monitoring / patient positioning in MRI systems), biometrics and autonomous vehicles (navigation / obstacle avoidance) and much more.

With three Matrox software Entwicklungstoolkits for image processing all users always have the right tool to solve their image processing task at hand: to benefit OEMs and system integrators both graphical development tools for rapid application development as well as image processing libraries for integration into own software projects.
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