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The personalization of products ultimately leads to lot size 1. A traditional production planning can achieve a lot of effort this however. therefore Uninterrupted custom production is an important competitive advantage. To produce individualized content and packaging, but each section of the production and supply chain needs to know exactly what to do with the product currently available. This is where the inspection system Omron Vision system to FH.

The obvious is to save the production information directly on the product or its primary container via serial code. If you link this code with the production order, get the chapters of the ERP system, all you need to know. The FH system allows control of up to eight cameras per controller, allowing a central coordination and programming of visual tasks. For the unified control and programming of the packaging plant and its robot "Sysmac" Studio software and the associated control platform were created.

During the packaging and Palettierungsphase products are sorted and packed by means of the serial codes to trade any Aggregierungsanforderungen example for medical products. The combination of serial code testing, quality control, tamper protection control and camera-based sorting to form a complete inspection system achieves significant cost and expense reduction.
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