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Olympus0116The new noise-free microscope camera UC90 from Olympus Features a large field of view 9 megapixel CCD sensor, producing high-resolution images of unprecedented clarity for on-screen evaluations and reviews. Optimum information from bioscience and material science samples can thus be easily obtained and evaluated.

The UC90 provides a recording and documentation of true to life details. The 4K UHD mode allows scientists to use the many benefits of full screen operation without any limitations.

The camera's 1 inch CCD color sensor with 9 megapixels allows in-depth, uncompromising analysis of the samples. Thanks to its dimension, it covers almost the entire visual field visible through the eyepiece. The high resolution combined with the perfect color reproduction preserves every detail of the sample. To quickly and efficiently image large sample areas with a monitor, you no longer need to change lenses. This makes it possible to produce extremely detailed images, which are very well suited for documentation and exact retrospective analysis.

As a step into the digital future, these high-quality images can be viewed clearly and in detail on the screen - thanks to the new 4K-UHD mode in combination with 4K-UHD monitors, large-format TVs and projectors. The presentation of large, meaningful images greatly improves sharing and meeting. Sample details need to be verified less often on the eyepiece. In addition, fast frame rates (26 fps) at 4K-UHD resolution allow for smooth and accurate on-screen analysis and crisp presentations.

The possibilities of digital imaging on the microscope, which have been extended with the introduction of UC90, are complemented by simple, convenient operation.
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