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cognex0116Cognex is the introduction of "In-Sight Micro 8000"Smart cameras announced a new family of ultra-compact, standalone image processing systems. The series offers industry-leading image processing performance with PC speed in the form of a conventional GigE Vision camera for pure image capture.

As line speeds increase, manufacturers demand even greater accuracy, larger field of view, and faster image processing tool performance - all without a PC in production. By combining extremely fast frame rates such as the In-Sight Micro 8000 series with the high speed of the "Patmax Redline" pattern comparison, users can optimize resolution, speed and performance even on the fastest production lines. They can reduce cycle times, increase productivity, increase resolution without loss of throughput, or run additional tests without increasing cycle times.

Like all In-Sight vision systems, these new models are conveniently set up with the powerful In-Sight Explorer software. This software combines the simple and step-by-step "Easybuilder" setup with the power and flexibility of spreadsheets, providing better control. In addition to Patmax Redline technology, the smart camera uses these industry-proven In-Sight imaging tools at speeds previously required for a high-performance PC. And all in a format that is no bigger than an industrial camera just for image capture.

The camera only measures 31 x 31 x 63 mm, incorporates Power over Ethernet, and is therefore very well suited for installation in the smallest space on robots or hard-to-reach machines thanks to its minimal cabling. These devices can be used almost anywhere on the production lines for guidance, testing, measurement and industrial identification applications.
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