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Baumer0415Baumer provides eight new models of LX Series with Camera Link interface before. Thanks resolutions 2 20 megapixels and frame rates up to 337 images / s you recognize with your demanding tasks finest details even at high throughput. Based on modern global shutter CMOS sensors an excellent image quality is achieved with excellent sensitivity.

Accurately capture fast-running processes

This makes the LXC cameras ideal for a variety of applications in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, metrology, laboratory automation and traffic inspection. Camera Link offers high bandwidth and low CPU load for high performance cameras. However, unlike other interfaces, the challenge is integration. That's why this was the development focus for the new LXC models. In addition, monitoring options for safe operation should be provided. This simplifies the system structure and reduces the integration costs.

Camera configuration uses the "Gen CP" protocol. It enables a similarly convenient parameterization via GenICam as with GigE Vision. This eliminates the complicated register programming otherwise required by Camera Link. In addition, the LXC cameras can detect transmission errors by calculating a checksum over the image data, which can be validated on the PC or in the frame grabber during operation. To ensure system stability, this can be used to verify data integrity, especially for robotic applications or when using longer cables. Up to 15 m have been successfully tested.
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