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ifm0215At a glance, the new looks 3D camera by IFM Electronic based on the PMD technology a wide variety of objects and objects in their spatial dimensions. At the heart of the device is a new image chip with 23.000 receiver elements. The output takes place via grayscale and distance image, the evaluation is easily possible with commercially available libraries.

In contrast to laser scanners, which each have only one receiving element, the image chip of the new device of the O3D series is equipped with 23.000 pixels. Therefore, the 3D camera has no moving components and is therefore wear-resistant and robust. The intuitively operated parameterization software allows easy and fast setting of the camera-specific parameters. It is possible to connect to Matlab, Halcon, PCL and ROS.

Because every single pixel measures the distance, suitcases, packages and pallets, for example, can be precisely dimensioned and positioned. Moreover, the device simplifies automated loading and unloading of containers, storage space optimization, collision protection, navigation of driverless transport systems as well as people counting and room monitoring. Even the log measurement in the sawmill is no problem. The range of application options is extremely wide-ranging for a wide variety of industries.
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