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Maxxvision offers a particularly extensive portfolio for the diverse requirements in metrology entocentric and telecentric lensesn for sensor sizes up to 4 / 3 "and resolutions up to 29 megapixels. Among the new lens series are also bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 29 megapixel resolution. The TC-C series bi-telecentric C-mount lenses are suitable for sensors with resolutions up to 8 megapixels, detector sizes up to 1 "and pixel sizes up to 2,2 μm.

The lenses have very good optical properties: = 200 LP / mm @ 30 MTF, = 0,1 ° telecentricity, = 0,1 ° distortion. The TC35M bi-telecentric F-mount lenses are suitable for sensors with resolutions up to 29 megapixels and detector sizes up to 35 mm and line sensors up to 8 k. They also have very good optical properties: = 70 LP / mm @ 30 CTF, = 0,1 ° telecentricity, = 0,001 ° distortion. For special tasks in metrology, the provider realizes lenses according to customer requirements - from requirements analysis to design to series production.
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