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excelitas1119Qioptiq is adding a new telecentric variant for the green spectrum (515 - 540 nm) to its quartz lenses "Linos F-Theta Ronar". The Excelitas Tochter has developed this laser lens especially for micro material processing. Further fields of application are laser structuring as well as laser welding and cutting.

The full-quartz F-theta lens has low absorption. It offers the shortest focal length in its class with only 75 mm and therefore enables highest and consistent precision and minimum spot sizes of 5 μm. Even the scan field size of 27 x 27 m² is unrivaled in this product class.

The F-Theta lens is highly reliable, durable and suitable for short-pulse and high-power laser applications. It is optimized for laser beam diameters of 10 or 14 mm. An angle-optimized special coating ensures a high laser damage threshold and an almost constant transmission of ≥96% over the entire image field.

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