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cretec0819High flexibility and the finest detection capability of features in industrial image processing are directly linked to intelligently controlled lighting quality. Modular variable LED systems of individual formats from Cretec optimize the precise image processing economically and technologically.

Flexible automation requires ever-finer detection of many different features under changing conditions from larger test objects. Optimizing the lighting quality with intelligent LED hardware and control software is therefore essential.

For large test parts, the company offers a broad product portfolio of intelligent, large-area and modular LED lighting systems. These modules are configurable in variable geometric formats of borderless backlight or incident light illumination. They guarantee economically and technologically efficient vision solutions, even for very complex requirements.

The LED modules are designed for harsh industrial environments up to protection class IP67. There is exactly the right light for every requirement. The LED base modules can be arranged to any geometric formats such as beam lighting or other large-area arrangements. They provide luminous surfaces from 50 x 50 mm to 6000 x 6000 mm. All light colors in continuous or flashing light are available.

The LED boards are their own developments and are equipped with LEDs of the colors white, red, green, blue, IR, UV, RGB or RGBW. In the transmitted-light illumination module, the distance of the dimmable LEDs from each other and to the cover is selected such that an optimized, rimless, homogeneous illumination field is achieved.

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