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stemmer0619Allied Vision extends the functional scope of the ultra-compact macro-camerasthat are equipped with Sony Exmor Pregius CMOS sensors, two attractive features. These entry-level models now support Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which enables precise synchronization of multi-camera systems, as well as Trigger over Ethernet (ToE).

The new firmware with PTP and ToE will be available for five Mako G series GigE Vision models as well as the new Mako G-508B POL polarization camera. The cameras feature high-performance Sony Exmor Pregius CMOS sensors with a resolution of 0,4 to 5,1 megapixels and are housed in robust housings. The sensors deliver superior image quality with higher quantum efficiency and less dark noise than comparable CCDs. In addition, they offer higher frame rates for faster inline quality checks.

PTP (IEEE 1588) is a standard network protocol that synchronizes the clocks of multiple devices in a network with a master device. With PTP, maco cameras can be synchronized to each other with just a few microseconds and with other cameras or devices that support this standard. This allows extremely precise inspection with multi-camera systems.

The Trigger over Ethernet feature enables precise control of the cameras via the Gigabit Ethernet interface cable. In combination with the Mako camera's Power-over-Ethernet function, a single cable is sufficient for power supply, triggering, camera control and transmission of image data.

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