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vision components0119The Ambient Light Suppression technology developed by Vision Components enables measurements with laser profile sensors at ambient light intensities of up to 100.000 Lux. For the first time, this method is used in the intelligent profile sensors of the Series "VC Nano3D-Z"Are used to provide the best results in the market comparison.

The high immunity to ambient light results from an extremely strong laser combined with very fast shutter speeds. The blue laser has a wavelength of 450 nm and is classified in class 2. The new laser sensor series is suitable for a wide variety of applications and especially well for metallic surfaces.

Thanks to "Zynq-Soc" from Xilinx, the embedded vision systems can be configured for additional tasks in addition to the 3D profile calculation. To do this, the FPGA integrated in the Soc module was programmed to calculate the 3D point cloud. The powerful ARM processor with 2 x 866 MHz can therefore be flexibly programmed as required for application-specific image processing tasks. The systems are the only laser profile scanners currently available on the market that can evaluate the gray value image freely programmable. The series includes several models for different working distances from approx. 60 mm to over 3 m, which are now available. On request, the manufacturer also manufactures tailor-made versions, giving OEMs a suitable profile sensor for every need.

The laser profile sensors offer scan rates up to 2 kHz and resolutions from approx. 40 μm on the X axis and 10 μm on the Z axis. They can detect the smallest parts or defects and monitor them over 2000 mm wide conveyor lines.

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